I. lobby lob‧by 1 [ˈlɒbi ǁ ˈlɑːbi] noun lobbies PLURALFORM [countable]
1. a group of people with similar interests who try to persuade a government that a particular law or situation should be changed:

• Opposition to the new law is expected from India's industry lobby.

• The Prime Minister is still under pressure from the farm lobby.

2. an attempt by a group of people to persuade members of a government that a particular law or situation should be changed:
lobby of

• A mass lobby of parliament is planned for next week.

  [m0] II. lobby lobby 2 verb lobbied PTandPP [intransitive, transitive]
to try to persuade a government that a particular law or situation should be changed:

• The financial community is expected to continue lobbying Congress to introduce new legislation.

lobby against

• Industrialists are already lobbying against the reforms.

lobby for

• Small firms are lobbying for a change to the law.

— lobbying noun [uncountable] :

• The decision followed intense lobbying by banks.

• The industry launched a huge lobbying campaign to persuade the government to change its mind.

• The corporation hired a lobbying firm to put its case to government.

* * *

lobby UK US /ˈlɒbi/ verb [I or T] GOVERNMENT
to try to persuade someone in authority, usually an elected member of a government, to support laws or rules that give your organization or industry an advantage: lobby against/for sth »

He lobbies against restrictions on investment.

lobby hard/heavily »

A coalition of business groups lobbied hard to have the legislation changed.

lobby congress/lawmakers/ministers »

He said private schools would lobby the General Assembly to restore the funding.

lobby to do sth »

After the fatal crash, safety experts blamed the fuel-tank design and lobbied to make the cars safer.

lobby UK US /ˈlɒbi/ noun [C] (plural lobbies) GOVERNMENT
a group of people that lobbies someone in authority: »

The leading employers' lobby called for less government regulation.

a powerful/strong/influential lobby »

A powerful lobby of property companies and retailers is being formed.

the pro-euro/pro-business/anti-gun lobby »

His firm has given £25,000 to the pro-euro lobby.

a business/consumer/trade lobby »

The government is under pressure from business lobbies who want taxes on companies reduced.


environmental/farmer's/energy lobby

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